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At Houston Cat Hospital, we believe that each cat is unique and deserves personalized care. The veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your pet will receive high quality care at our hospital.


Here at Houston Cat Hospital we only use Purevax vaccinations. These vaccinations do not contain adjuvants which are components of vaccinations that stimulate an immune response. Though adjuvants are good they may have implications in the development of injection site sarcomas. Developments of these sarcomas are unusual reaction and are also influenced by genetics – essentially the perfect storm is needed. However, using non-adjuvanted vaccinations such as the ones used here at Houston Cat Hospital helps minimize the chances of these tumors. These vaccinations are still fast acting and provide long lasting protection for your feline friend.
At Houston Cat Hospital we will customize your cat’s vaccination program based on your cat’s lifestyle in order to minimize risk and maximize protection. We take into consideration your cat’s age, time spent outdoors, and exposure to other cats. Even indoor cats need vaccines to help protect them from disease, so let us help you understand what vaccines are right for your pet!


Houston Cat Hospital features an in-house pharmacy which permits us to fill the vast majority of prescriptions right away. We understand that medicating your cuddly cat may be difficult, therefore we work closely with several local compounding pharmacies. This allows us to compound most medications into flavored chews, liquids or transdermal creams making it easier for you to treat you cat companion.


An annual examination is essential for the well-being of your furry friend. It allows the doctor to catch disease processes early, as our animals can’t tell us when something is wrong. A complete physical examination starts with a history and vitals taken by one of our technicians. The veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination from head to tail. This would include an ophthalmic, otoscopic and oral exams, auscultation of the heart and lungs, abdominal palpation as well as an orthopedic evaluation.


Ultrasound – Ultrasound is a non-invasive tool for imaging of internal organs and is used in combination with radiographs to diagnose certain conditions such as heart disease and small intestinal disease. Ultrasound can typically be performed on the same day and sedation is not usually needed unless your cat is stressed or anxious.

Radiographs – Houston Cat Hospital is equipped with the ability to take diagnostic radiographs or X-rays. This imaging tool allows us to identify many medical conditions and injuries. Radiographs can be helpful in identifying a variety of diseases processes such as orthopedic changes and/or injuries, lung abnormalities, intestinal obstructions and urinary tract issues.

Laboratory Services – We have the capability to perform in-house blood work. Blood work is a tool used to look at systemic organ function. The results can be obtained in 15 minutes! We also have the ability to perform routine laboratory diagnostics such as FeLV/FIV testing, fecal parasite screening and urinalysis.


If your cat is experiencing an emergency, please call us at 713-782-6369, if possible, so that we can prepare for your cat’s arrival. We accept emergencies, no appointment required, from 9 am until 6 pm, Mo, Tu, We, Fr; until 4 pm on Thursday; and 8 am until close on Saturday. We are well-equipped to handle most emergencies or can refer you to specialists, if needed. We can take x-rays and develop them within minutes. We have a full in-house laboratory and can begin getting test results back within 15 minutes. We have human infant incubators for emergency supplemental oxygen and heat.

If your cat needs emergency care when we are not open or before 9 am weekdays and 8 am Saturdays, we recommend the Veterinary Emergency Referral Group Inc. 713-932-9589, 8921 Katy Freeway.

For patients who are in need of other tests we utilize IDEXX laboratories daily, allowing access to a variety of specialist including boarded pathologists.


Our veterinarians are experienced with a wide variety of surgeries. They include routine procedures such as spays, neuters and declaws as well as complex soft tissue and laser surgeries. In addition, we place a strong importance on pain post-operative pain management after any kind of surgical procedure.

Our veterinarians are experienced with a wide variety of surgeries that your cat may need. We have a sterile surgery suite, complete with anesthetic monitoring equipment, heat support, IV fluid delivery pump, x-ray viewer, feline-sized instruments and specialized lighting. We even have emergency lighting in case there is a power outage while operating. In addition, a skilled technician is with your cat throughout the entire anesthesia to provide constant monitoring. Heat support is also provided during recovery if needed. Your cat’s safety is our utmost concern!


For illnesses requiring in-hospital treatment, we have feline-specialized equipment and an incredibly compassionate staff to provide the highest level of care. Our hospital can provide intravenous fluids and medications, as well as in-house laboratory testing and x-rays. We have two human infant incubators to provide heat and supplemental oxygen for critical patients. Hospitalized patients are monitored very closely and the hospital is kept quiet and calm so that the cats can rest comfortably and heal. We offer special diets for specific medical conditions and to tempt finicky felines. All cats receive tender, loving care with great attention to detail.

We have two isolation wards and cats with infectious diseases are kept away from all other patients and boarders. We go to great lengths to make sure that the cats in our care are as comfortable as possible. Their needs are constantly re-assessed to insure optimal management of their medical condition.


Dental care is an important part of your cat’s overall health. Dental infections can spread and lead to problems in other organ,s such as, the bladder, kidneys or heart. In addition, infected teeth are usually quite painful and can lead to decreased food intake and an unhealthy weight loss. We check your cat’s teeth and oral cavity thoroughly during examinations to look for signs of disease. If tartar or infections are found, we recommend a dental cleaning and whatever else is needed to keep your cat feeling their best!

When your cat has a dental cleaning, they will be anesthetized to insure a safe and painless experience. First, the tartar is cleaned off the teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. Next, a periodontal probe is used to check for pockets of disease, cavities or exposed nerve tissue. Houston Cat Hospital can perform digital dental radiographs. This diagnostic tool is important in evaluating the health of the tooth as dental disease in cats tend to live below the gum line. Lastly, your cat’s teeth are polished to create a smooth surface that will discourage plaque adhesion. Because your cat will have been sedated, they will stay the night with us. This is included in the price of the cleaning.

We are also excited to offer Oravet dental sealant which can be applied to your cat’s teeth after they are polished. This easy to apply sealant is then used once weekly at home to slow down future plaque build up. We have seen a noticeable improvement in dental health with cats using Oravet!

If your cat needs a more routine cleaning to prevent dental disease, call us at 713-782-6369 for an appointment any time.


We can help your cat look his or her best! We provide complete grooming including claw trimming, bathing, combing, mat-removal and more. Our groomers are skilled in working with cats, and they treat your feline friend with a gentle touch. We can also provide sedation for grooming when needed to insure that your cat remains stress-free!

Grooming services are available by appointment only. Please call us at 713-782-6369 to make an appointment!


We offer a wide variety of boarding accommodations to fit your cat’s needs, including multi-level townhomes that allow your cat to get plenty of exercise! Fresh food and water is always available unless a specific feeding schedule has been requested. Litter boxes are checked hourly and cleaned as often as needed. We employ 3 full-time kennel attendants to assure that the cats are monitored closely and receive lots of attention.

All cats are watched for appetite, general attitude and use of litter box. Should a cat have a change in daily habits or seem to feel sick, our technicians notify the doctor immediately, including on weekends and holidays.

We are happy to board special-needs cats with medical conditions, ensuring that while you are away your cat will receive their needed medication. At Houston Cat Hospital we strive to do whatever it takes to make your cat feel comfortable. We take pride in knowing their individual personalities and catering to their specific needs. They are given stuffed animals to cuddle with and toys to play with. Shy or timid cats are given privacy and a place to hide so they feel safe.

All cats staying in our boarding facility must have current vaccinations for FVRCP and rabies, unless otherwise approved by the veterinarian. Please call to make a reservation at 713-782-6369.

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